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Hey There

I am so thrilled you are here, I am Coralee, founder and CEO of Soul Harmony. I have been a Registered Nurse in Alberta for 16 years and I have worked in Critical Care, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Labor & Delivery and a Fertility Specialist Clinic. 


Aside from my nursing endeavours, my husband and I are parents to 3 beautiful kids. I was born and raised in Calgary, and he from the East Coast, together we make Calgary our home. We enjoy spending our time on both sides of Canada, feeling energized and connected to the mountains and the ocean too. 


I love to hike, bike, ski and spend lots of time outdoors. Having said that, I am a homebody too and find peace and tranquility with reading, journaling, meditation or yoga. 


I feel my soul led me to find Holistic Nurse Coaching and The CIINDE (the Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education) where I completed my coaching training. Having worked as a Clinical Resource Nurse in Intensive Care, I became passionate with coaching, helping professionals to reach their highest potential.


I stepped away from ICU while suffering with compassion fatigue and burnout. Predicting that a better schedule would help to find more “balance”, I moved to outpatient nursing in Internal Medicine. It took a lot to make it work with new health rules and 3 children in school, working casually and paying for extra care, there were many sacrifices to make. Then wave four hit, I was met with an immense amount of panic and anxiety. While my casual position kept me in my outpatient role, the domino effect caused multiple fires throughout the health system. Like a typical careGIVER, I looked to give more and found that my body and mind would betray me, my mental-physical-relational-emotional-spiritual health suffered and I knew then, balance was not within me and it certainly was not found outside of me. Finally in January of 2021 I had a ski accident that literally took away my ability to serve. Instead, I became the focus of care and was forced to finally give myself the attention I needed and space to heal.  

Lets Work Together

It is my job to hold your vision

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

- Mahatma Gandhi

How I can help...

Being on the frontlines, whether you are a stay-at-home-parent, a working professional with a family, a healthcare worker or caring for another soul with physical-mental-emotional needs, it helps to have someone who understands your circumstance. You are a high achiever, a people pleaser and you don't stop until the work is done. You have noticed the to-do list is larger, you experience immense guilt for the things in life you are missing out on or too exhausted to enjoy anyway, and experiencing physical pains that can't be attributed to any one thing. Your energy levels are fizzling out, you no longer recognize yourself, you are loosing that sparkle - how much more will it take for you to become the recipient of caregiving? Soul Harmony was created from many of the practices I sought for healing, taking a mind- body approach. With Holistic Nurse Coaching as my main tool  I integrate HeartMath+, Reiki, meditation, visualisation, breathwork, and embodyment work to help you meet your goals and to work through the intricate web that you feel caught up in. 


We are all striving for more “work/life” balance, yet work seems to always come first. Connecting to our inner harmony is how we reconnect to ourselves, it shifts us from looking outside of ourselves for answers to looking within. It is your soul in the flow, being able to stay connected, to be present in your body, in this moment, experiencing ANY emotion and be able to ride the wave and not be crushed by it. Your pains, whether physical, mental or emotional are messages of what your body and life need and together we bring attention to whatever that is. It is my mission to walk with you as you find your flow, guided by your intuition, so you can know your own authority, authenticity and ultimately find soul harmony.






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