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Clairity Call

Let's meet and discuss your needs, goals and what you desire most to achieve. Together we can learn if we are a good fit and where to start your journey.


Burnout Coaching Signature Solution

You have endured so much, you are aware that you whole being physical-mental-emotional- spiritual self is paying too heavy a price. You know on some level that something has to give in your life or perhaps it will be you. Your day job has become a draining experience and while you know life is for living, you are barely existing. If this is you, I welcome you to be held in a safe space. Together we will dive into your 8 dimensions of health and understand where you may be feeling resistance in your life. You may have many areas that are needing your attention and together we will co-create a plan to address them all. You will notice after some time that you not only feel stronger, have more energy, but you are more aligned with your passion, purpose and life has new meaning. Your search for balance will become your connection to your soul, that is when you notice what you have found is harmony.

Work with me for 12 weeks: 

Over 12 weeks you will receive: 

  • 1:1 Coaching - A co-created bespoke program that will move you through burnout to living your best life (75 mins)

  • Unlimited support wetwen calls on weekdays via text/ 15 min calls - No need to wait until your next session whether you need support or to celebrate your progress. 

  • 2 Hour or (2 x 1 hr) Integrative health and wellness assessment. 

  • Access to my workbook (Lit Up: Abandoning Burnout and Finding Your Light)

  • The option for 2 integrative Reiki/coaching sessions for energy balancing, stress reduction, and fatigue. (When used, these sessions replace 1 of the sessions). 

  • Integrative tools (Heart Math & Somatic Exercises) that increase your heart rate variability, lower cortisol and improve vagal tone thereby creating increased coherence within your body and organizing harmony through all your systems. 

3 months (7 sessions)

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