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Clairity Call

Let's meet and discuss your needs, goals and what you desire most to achieve. Together we can learn if we are a good fit and where to start your journey.


Integrative Health & Wellness Assessment

With this assessment we will explore your life through affirmations (positive statements). You get to decide and affirm how much you agree or disagree with how true to YOU they are. Through this self-exploration, stories and topics will surface, and some you will be surprised about, things you thought were "dealt with". Trust that it is all for your highest good, whatever comes up is meant to and you will have an opportunity to courageously and creatively explore avenues of healing. My absolute belief is that you will walk away feeling more aware and lighter than you were before. (2 Hours)


Holistic Nurse Coaching

In a Nurse Coaching session we are guided by what you desire most to work on and work through in your life. Is there an area you feel stuck? Something that keeps you up at night with your mind running circles with no solutions? In this integrative session we will unlock the answers within you, empowering you to live your best life, aligned with your values and finding success your way.


Holistic Nurse Coaching Packages

You have endured so much, you are aware that you whole being physical-mental-emotional- spiritual self is paying too heavy a price. You know on some level that something has to give in your life or perhaps it will be you. Your day job has become a draining experience and while you know life is for living, you are barely existing. If this is you, I welcome you to be held in a safe space. Together we will dive into your 8 dimensions of health and understand where you may be feeling resistance in your life. You may have many areas that are needing your attention and together we will co-create a plan to address them all. You will notice after some time that you not only feel stronger, have more energy, but you are more aligned with your passion, purpose and life has new meaning. Your search for balance will become your connection to your soul, that is when you notice what you have found is harmony.

Choose from 3 packages:

Activate Self-Renewal Package
1 month (3 sessions)

Invigorate Self-Renewal Package
3 months (7 sessions)

Rejuvenate Self-Commitment Package

6 months
(13 sessions)

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